• November 10, 2020

Richmond, VA (November 10, 2020) – The Elite Clubs National League Boys announced today that the league will be recording and live-streaming all games at the ECNL South Carolina National Event for U17 and U18/19 age groups. The goal of this offering is to further maximize the exposure opportunities for key recruitment-aged players and provide a scouting benefit to college coaches who are unable to attend the event in-person.

Given the extension of the NCAA Dead Period which continues to restrict Division I coaches from off-campus recruiting through January 1, 2021, the decision to live-stream and record all U17 and U18/19 games at the Greer, SC event will serve a critical and timely need for the league’s players who missed out on competition and showcasing through much of 2020 as a result of COVID-19.

Between in-person scouting from Division II, III, and NAIA coaches, and the opportunity for all college and professional scouts to view matches by way of live-streaming and archived access to recorded games, the South Carolina National Event will offer the largest and most readily-available scouting opportunity for ECNL players since league inception. All games will be made available for viewing at no cost, allowing for family members and scouts to enjoy ECNL play throughout the event’s December 11-13 dates.

“While returning to play safely remains a top priority across the country, it is necessary that we also turn our attention to the scouting opportunities that these players deserve,” said ECNL Boys Commissioner, Jason Kutney. “As a league, this is an opportunity for us to support players and college coaches in a new way, at a time when innovative approaches, solutions and connectivity have never been more important.”

More information on ECNL South Carolina, including COVID-19 protocols, will be released soon along with live-stream details.

About the ECNL:

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Mary Conway