• April 26, 2022

RICHMOND, VA (April 26, 2022) – ECNL Boys is thrilled to announce today Lehigh Valley United, FC Arizona and B-Elite Academy will be joining the Club Competition for the 2022-23 season. Lehigh Valley United will join the Northeast Conference and FC Arizona and B-Elite Academy will play in the newly re-aligned Mountain Conference. 

“We are very excited to welcome three extremely competitive clubs into the ECNL Boys for the 2022-23 season,” said Jason Kutney, ECNL Boys Commissioner. “As the interest level in joining the ECNL Boys continues to grow, it is important that we identify clubs that are growing the game locally and providing resources, leadership and pathways for their players which align with the mission of our league.” 

Lehigh Valley United
Allentown, PA

  • Founded: 2007
  • More than 200 alumni in college and eight professional alumni
  • Has won two McGuire Cup USYS national championships and 1 NPSL national championship 

“As both President of Lehigh Valley United and Lehigh University’s Men’s Soccer Coach, I am keenly aware of ECNL’s commitment to the college pathway,” said Dean Koski. “After attending the ECNL’s regional league and national events during the past 5 years, it is increasingly evident to me that the ECNL offers the highest level of play along with outstanding venues for these showcases. It provides the best competitive platform for youth soccer players to be scouted by college coaches and move on to the next level.”

FC Arizona
Chandler, AZ

  • Founded: 2016
  • Facilities: Bell Bank Park
  • MLS Cup Champion and Jamaican World Cup performer, Andy Williams, serves as club Technical Director

“The ECNL Boys platform gives FC Arizona a complete club pathway,” said Jamie Landreman, owner of FC Arizona. “Every player deserves a club they can grow with and ECNL Boys fills that elite platform for us. We are excited to proudly wear the ECNL badge on our jerseys.”

B-Elite Academy
Denver, CO

  • Founded: 2016
  • Coaching staff has a rich Spanish influence, which is reflected in the teaching methodology and playing style

“B-Elite Soccer Academy is very excited to be joining ECNL Boys for the 2022-23 season,” said Carles Gil, Technical Director. “This is a huge step in our club’s young history. The ECNL will deliver a high-level environment for our teams and our players to help them achieve their goals.  We look forward to the high standards and excellent competition within the ECNL.”   


About the ECNL:

The ECNL is the nation’s leading youth soccer development platform. The ECNL respects and celebrates the unique individuality of every youth soccer player and club, supporting and enabling them to unleash their unfettered passion and fierce tenacity in striving to achieve their potential. 

The ECNL’s mission to Raise the Game is a total commitment to create the best possible environment for players, coaches, referees and administrators, with a determination to constantly question convention and challenge the status quo in youth sports.

The ECNL Commitment:

We will lead, set our eyes on new horizons, and pursue them relentlessly. Born out of the belief in a better way. Continued in the ever-evolving pursuit of excellence. 

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