• June 23, 2022

After incredible competition in the regular season, the Regional League season reaches its pinnacle at the ECNL Regional League Finals this week. This year, playing alongside the ECNL National Playoffs, six Regional League champions will be crowned in San Diego, allowing the best of the best to show their true colors. 

Check out all the information below to learn everything you need to know about the event. 

Schedule: Each team in the ECNL Regional League Finals are guaranteed three games, advancing into the semifinals by the way of either group play or a knockout bracket, depending on the age group. To see the complete schedule and brackets, click here

Full Team List: After eight months of play, it all comes down to more than 70 teams across six age groups. At the end of this event, there will be six champions. To view the complete team list, click here

Regional League Finals: All six age groups are competing for the ECNL Regional League Championship in San Diego, with each bracket consisting of teams from across the country who earned their chance and a shot at the trophy. More than 70 teams are aiming at bringing home a trophy, which means it’s anyone’s game. To view the complete schedule and who can lift a trophy, click here

More Information: To view more information about each ECNL Regional League Finals, click here