• August 12, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. (August 12, 2022) – Coming out of an extraordinary regular season and capping the year with six new National Champions at the Club Competition level, ECNL Boys is thrilled to announce the 2021-22 Conference Players of the Year and Club Competition All-Conference First and Second Teams across the league’s 12 conferences.

“The 2021-22 season was the most competitive season in the league’s history, with an exceptionally high level of performance from all of the players throughout the ECNL Boys,” said ECNL Boys Commissioner, Jason Kutney.  “Being recognized as an All-Conference honoree or a Conference Player of the Year from such a large group of high-level players is a testament to their great ability, work rate, and attitude, and a clear acknowledgment of excellence.”

Honorees were selected by conference awards committees with technical representatives from every club in each of the ECNL Boys’ 12 conferences. The number of players selected was based upon the size of the respective conference.

Players that have been selected to their respective All-Conference First Team will also be eligible for selection to the ECNL Boys All-American teams, which will be announced later this month. All-Conference Players of the Year will also be eligible for selection for the ECNL Boys National Player of the Year. The first-ever All-ECNL Regional League teams will also be announced this month.

Below is a listing of each Conference Player of the Year and the All-Conference First and Second Teams, by conference. 

Florida Conference Players of the Year

U15: Pedro Cruz – Florida Premier

U16: Brody Crampton – Florida Kraze Krush

U17: Shane Wright – Florida Kraze Krush

U18/19: Paul Surkov – Tampa Bay United

To view the full Florida All-Conference teams, click here.


Heartland Conference Players of the Year

U15: Pablo Mendez – Sporting Iowa

U16: Ben Schendt – Sporting Nebraska

U17: Barrett Kitts – KC Scott Gallagher

U18/19: Braden Yows – KC Scott Gallagher

To view the full Heartland All-Conference teams, click here.


Mid-Atlantic Conference Players of the Year

U15: Casey Price – Pipeline SC

U16: Kobe Keomany – Pipeline SC

U17: Alex Walker – Wilmington Hammerheads

U18/19: James Kelly – Charlotte SA Academy 

To view the full Mid-Atlantic All-Conference teams, click here.


Midwest Conference Players of the Year

U15: Giovanni Magana – Eclipse Select SC

U16: Mactzil Lopez – Eclipse Select SC

U17: William Smith – FC Wisconsin

U18/19: Maximiliano Ibarra- Eclipse Select SC

To view the full Midwest All-Conference teams, click here.


Mountain Conference Players of the Year

U15: Carlos Nieto-Rosales – La Roca

U16: Alec Lauretti – Real Colorado

U17: Daniel Keegan Adams – Real Colorado

U18/19: Naime Odeh – La Roca

To view the full Mountain All-Conference teams, click here.


Northeast Conference Players of the Year

U15: Sawyer Spiegel – Penn Fusion SA

U16: Jack Kryger – World Class FC

U17: Tyler Flowers – Sporting Delaware

U18/19: Colin Hughes – NEFC

To view the full Northeast All-Conference teams, click here.


Northern Cal Conference Players of the Year

U15: Leonardo Avalos – Mustang SC

U16: Malcolm Zalayet – Marin FC

U17: Simon Vaca-Lorenzi – Davis Legacy

U18/19: Nicholas Strangio – San Juan SC

To view the full Northern Cal All-Conference teams, click here.


Northwest Conference Players of the Year

U15: Benjamin Milstein – Crossfire Premier

U16: Wyatt Stevens – Seattle United

U17: Mateo Herrera – Seattle United

U18/19: Egor Akulov – Crossfire Premier

To view the full Northwest All-Conference teams, click here.


Ohio Valley Conference Players of the Year

U15: Adin Ibrahimovic – Cleveland Force

U16: Brady McGlone – Ohio Premier

U17: Carson Browning – Ohio Premier

U18/19: Dino Hodzic – Louisville City Academy

To view the full Ohio Valley All-Conference teams, click here.


Southeast Conference Players of the Year

U15: Julian Bretous – NTH-NASA

U16: Wilfer Bustamante Jr. – CESA

U17: Jonathan Gabriel Nickerson – United Futbol Academy

U18/19: Damola Salami – NTH-NASA

To view the full Southeast All-Conference teams, click here.


Southwest Conference Players of the Year

U15: Jake Basinet – San Diego Surf

U16: Duran Ferree – San Diego Surf

U17: Nicolas Quanbeck – San Diego Surf

U18/19: Elijah Zelkind – San Diego Surf

To view the full Southwest All-Conference teams, click here.


Texas Conference Players of the Year

U15: Evrit Fisher – DKSC

U16: Isaac Dalhart – Oklahoma Energy

U17: Edward Garcia – FC Dallas

U18/19: Siddiq Lezzar – Houston Dynamo Youth

To view the full Texas All-Conference teams, click here.


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