• November 15, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. (November 15, 2022) – The ECNL Boys is excited to announce the rosters for the Continental Tire ECNL National Selection Game. This year’s game marks the one-year anniversary of the first-ever National Selection Game, which took place in Tucson, AZ last year in front of a crowd of over 1600 people. The National Selection Game in Phoenix will take place at Reach 11 Soccer Complex on November 18, 2022, at 6:15 PM on Field 1 and will be live streamed here. The game will feature players from the U17-U18/19 age groups.

The Continental Tire ECNL National Selection Games are “all-star” matches that bring top players at each regular season ECNL National Event together for representative competition on the first day of the event. They are one component of the ECNL National Selection Program, which encompasses all player identification and development programs within the league. 

Players were selected for the games by ECNL Player Identification staff through a combination of scouting and recommendations based on performances over the past several months. These athletes will not compete for their clubs on this day in order to properly rest and prepare for the National Selection Game. 



Sebastian Barrios (FC Tucson Youth SC)

Anders Beckton (Seattle United)

Marco Bottene (Beach FC)

Alfredo Campos (Mustang SC)

Jimmy Castillo (Sporting CA USA)

Zachary Castrence (San Juan Soccer Club)

Ryker (Jack) Cook (La Roca)

Dillan Danks (West Coast FC)

Nico DeSisto (Beach FC)

Canon Downey (Utah Avalanche)

Jaden Hancock (Pateadores)

Alex Harris (Washington Timbers)

Kalani Kunimura (Pateadores)

Kyle Livermore (La Roca)

Aaron Mendoza (Dallas Texans Academy)

Donovan Parisian (FC Arizona)

Ryan Townhill (San Diego Surf)

Aiden Ussery (Dallas Texans Academy)


Carlos Barajas (El Camino FC Salinas)

Danny Barbosa (Del Mar Sharks)

Benjamin Brock (AZ Arsenal)

Jaxson Findlay (Heat FC)

Rigo Guerra (Davis Legacy)

Alexander Hall (Pacific Northwest Soccer Club)

Dominic Hoar-Weiler (United PDX)

Eric Howard (Crossfire Premier)

Kaloyan Iliev (Crossfire Premier)

Shaun Im (Slammers FC)

Angel Joaquin-Guzman (California Odyssey)

Isaiah Jordan (Heat FC)

Djibognihou Koulai (BVB IA Texas)

Nico Medina (Legends FC)

Noe Morales (Legends FC)

Tyler Nagel (LAFC SO CAL)

Sola Nishimura (MVLA Soccer Club)

Manuel Portillo (MVLA Soccer Club)

To view a full list of the rosters for the National Selection Game, click here.


About the ECNL:

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