The ECNL Conference Selection Program (CSP) events provide an opportunity for the top players within each ECNL conference to play with and against the best players within their region at multiple age groups, gaining additional developmental and exposure opportunities. The ECNL Conference Selection Programs are created with three primary goals:

(i) Identify the top players within each ECNL conference at multiple age groups;

(ii) Provide a developmental and exposure experience; and

(iii) Recognize and reward individual performance and achievement.

In 2019-2020, there will be seven (7) such programs taking place across the country, with all conferences but the brand new Northwest Conference offering the platform (NOTE:  Northwest Conference will have all clubs involved in the Conference SuperCup event). Each CSP will bring together top players within the conference for a weekend of training, competition, and education. Each ECNL Conference Selection Program will include a mix of identified players from four age groupings:  Under-15, 16, 17, and 18

Players are selected for the ECNL Conference Selection Programs based on their performance in ECNL competitions and recommendations from coaches. Each ECNL Conference Selection Programs will occur over two days and will include three training sessions/matches, guided by staff which may include NCAA collegiate coaches. All players will receive PUMA training gear.  The ECNL will be covering the costs of participation in the ECNL Conference Selection Programs, excluding travel costs for participating players.

The ECNL Conference Selection Program (CSP) will run alongside the Conference SuperCup, over the same weekend, at the same venue. Schedule will be set to maximize recruitment opportunities so as to provide a localized identification-based resourceful college and professional scouts. The SuperCup + CSP weekends will create high-visibility exposure opportunity for high-performing players in each Conference. 

The ECNL Player Identification Programs are sanctioned as Olympic Development Programs (ODP) via US Club Soccer’s id2 and Player Development Programs.