The 2020 Boys ECNL Conference SuperCup is a brand new, club-based competition that will feature the top four clubs in each conference* based on last season’s overall club conference rankings.  These clubs will meet over one weekend for a competition that will crown their Conference SuperCup Champion, each fielding a single team comprised of their top players from the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 age groups to represent them in the event.

Most conferences will play in Conference SuperCup Semi-Finals matches on Day 1 (Saturday), followed by a Conference SuperCup Championship and Consolation match on Day 2 (Sunday).

The Conference SuperCup will run alongside the ECNL Conference Selection Program (CSP), over the same weekend, at the same venue.  Schedules will be set to maximize recruitment opportunities so as to provide a localized identification-based resource for college and professional scouts.  The SuperCup + CSP weekends will create a high-visibility exposure opportunity for high-performing players in each Conference.

*The Mountain Conference and Northwest Conference will each offer a different format due to their conference structure and age.  Details for each conference, including dates, venues, and participating clubs, are noted in the Conference Competition Calendar.