The ECNL will continue to use the same hotel booking process for the 2020-2021 ECNL National Events.  The hotel booking system is a “lottery” system designed to eliminate the “mad dash” created in previous events, and to eliminate unnecessary stress, aggravation, and uncertainty in the process.  The new system will improve the booking process in many ways.  It will:


  • Control the flow of reservations;
  • Defuse conflicts in availability;
  • Remove the need for travel coordinators to call multiple hotels;
  • Eliminate unanswered messages and unreturned calls;
  • Keep a real-time inventory of available rooms; and
  • Allow better negotiation of rates and add-ons.
For each National Event, ECNL officials will randomly draw member club names from a pot to determine reservation order at the event.  Once the draw is complete, each member club will be notified of their position in the booking process for each National Event.  (To insure fairness for all teams, teams that are in the bottom of the lottery for one event will be drawn in the top for their second national event, and so-on.)  Once the reservation order has been determined, each member club will be notified of their spot in the booking process.

The first five member clubs for designated events will then be notified when they will be “on the clock” to begin the booking process.  Each member club “on the clock” will receive a link to the reservation website(s) and will be given a minimum of 48 hours to evaluate the available choices and make a hotel selection to best suit their member club.  After 48 hours, Member Club #1 will be contacted by Maverick Sports to make their hotel reservation.  Member Clubs will not need to initiate contact – Maverick Sports will initiate contact with each member club.  As soon as this reservation is secured, Maverick Sports will move to Member Club #2.   This procedure will be repeated until we have successfully booked every member club and every team.

The ECNL is determined to improve the member club experience in the league every year, and to find ways to reduce costs of travel as much as possible. Please remember that no member club should make hotel reservations for any events outside of the ECNL booking process.